Have Fun When You Are Stuck In a Tent

Going for camping is all about spending time outdoors but playing games inside a tent or around the campfire is a very important part of it. After a long day of activities and with dinner sorted it’s time to relax, talk to each other so, why not play a few games!

Fishing, hiking, collecting firewood and cooking are some of the tasks that we usually do when we go camping. However, when the sun is set it’s the perfect time to sit around the fire and entertain ourselves!

We usually associate gaming with video games. Electricity doesn’t exist, well most of the times, when we are camping and that’s the beauty of it. Grab the opportunity and rewind to explore the old way of having fun before video games came into our life.

Conversation or board games are two of the main camping games you can play when stuck in a tent because of bad weather. If the weather is good you can play them around the campfire.

Conversation Camping Games

Campers can play them either inside the tent or outside around the campfire from the comfort of their camping chairs. They are not only good for laughing but they can break the ice too. Inevitably you will need to collaborate and meet new people. Relax and enjoy making memories.

Girls playing games around campfire

Truth Or Dare

You will need a bottle to play truth or dare so finish that beer quickly! If you use a plastic bottle remember to fill it up with water. Players need to sit in a circle and place the bottle in the middle. One of the players will need to spin the bottle and when it stops the top will face one player and the bottom another.

The player who faces the bottom of the bottle will have to ask the question ‘Truth or Dare?’ to the other player. If the participant selects truth then the other player asks a question. Otherwise the player who faces the top of the bottle will have to be assigned a challenge!

Two Facts And A Lie

A clever camping game for couples. However, the beauty of it is to share some interesting stories when you are stuck in a tent. Players will need to form groups of two people.

One of the two players will need to state three stories. Two of them will be true and the other one will be a lie. After that, the other player will need to guess which story was a lie. Some naughty secrets might be revealed so be careful with your stories. A great camping game that can also be played inside a tent as well.

Last Letter

Last letter is probably the most traditional conversation game. It’s very common within university students. It doesn’t need preparation and you can start playing it as soon as your tent is set up.

One person will start by saying one word. The next person will need to say another word using the last letter of the previous word. For example, if the first player says ‘Boots’ the next player will have to say a word starting with ‘S’. Once a player cannot find a word then the person will have to leave the game. The winner is the last person who remains in the game. Remember words cannot be repeated and players cannot take too long to answer.

People playing around campfire

Would You Rather

There are no winners or losers in this game. However, you need to use your imagination and think outside of the box. The game starts with a player asking a question to another player. This question will have to start with ‘would you rather’ and give two options for answers. For example, would you rather go hiking or cycling?

Chinese Whispers or Broken Phone

Another very popular family game. Also very common in school parties. Players should relax, leave their walking poles and form a line or a circle. The first person should whisper a phrase to the ear of the next player. The third person whispers the message to the next player. This will continue until the message reaches the last person. Then the last player will have to say loudly the message he received and compare with the first person phrase.

The amusement in this game is the misinterpretation of the message as it passes through the players. Collaboration is key in this game. Be sure you trust the person on your left.

Traditional Card / Board Games

In contrast, board games will need a little bit of preparation. Most importantly you will need to find a flat surface. If you don’t to have a camping table, be creative and find a flat rock or a half cut tree trunk. You can play them either inside a tent or around a campfire.


Jenga game

No need to introduce this game! Jenga boards have been all over our floors! It is not recommended for ultralight camping because it’s heavy to carry with you. Jenga consists of 54 wooden blocks.

You need to place three of them in each row and in total there will be 18 rows of 3 blocks. Remember only to use one hand when it’s your turn. Pick any block you want and place it at the top of the tower.  The loser is the one who manages to demolish the tower while trying to move a wooden block. You can set up the tower of blocks again and keep playing until there is only one winner.

Connect Four / Plot Four

It’s lightweight comparing to Jenga because it’s made of plastic. Unfortunately only two players at a time so it’s a perfect camping game for couples. The goal of the game is to place four checkers in a row which can be either vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

At the same time you have to prevent the opponent from connecting four of the checkers in a row. Each player will have to use the same colour of checkers during the game. You can comfortably play this camping game in a tent because only two players can participate.

Card Games

You will only need a pack of cards to carry with you. It can easily fit in the side pocket of your backpack. There is a wide variety of card games you can play. Some of them are Uno, Snap, Chase the Ace and Go Fish. Camping card games are great for couples as well.


Playing camping games when stuck in a tent is a great way to make new friends, break the ice and socialise. However don’t forget the great outdoor activities!

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