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Raw Outdoor Life was created by outdoor enthusiast’s Zac and Melissa. We like travelling and exploring the great outdoors with the company of our amazing dog Macey!

We are located in Scotland and of course we have plenty to explore which includes some of the most spectacular views on this planet.



In our website you will find tips and advice for a wide variety of outdoor activities. We emphasize in activities we are already experienced in and we want to transfer the knowledge to you. Our guide articles are perfect for beginner and intermediate level.

Apart from great informational articles we tried and tested some of the best equipment. Unfortunately we cannot test every single piece of gear because then we will be left out of pocket. However we always do a great research before we buy a product from a survival whistle to an inflatable kayak.

In our articles we always mention if we personally test the product or if our review is based on personal research. After we receive the item we test it in the great Scottish outdoors or in the Alps or whatever our current location may be.

Macey outdoor life

Our goal is to try to make travelling easier for others by giving any tips we pick up along the way and recommend any items we found that really helped us. 

We hope you find Raw Outdoor Life helpful and enjoy reading. We would love to hear from you and there is multiple ways to get in touch with us. You can drop us a message through the contact us form or via social media on Facebook and Instagram.

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