Carrera Mountain Bikes: Are They Good?

A detailed review of the features, models, and drawbacks of Carrera mountain bikes.

Biking is a perfect way to remain healthy and discover the world around you, whether you’re using it for workouts or commuting.

Mountain biking is a fun, challenging sport where bikers ride off-road on mountains and sharp, steep climbs. Yet, it requires special gear. Brands have introduced a variety of different models that bikers can choose from. Here, we will review Carrera’s bikes to answer your, ‘Are Carrera bikes any good?’ question. 

Carrera was founded in 1989 by Carrera team manager Davide Boifava in Italy. For a long time, It has been providing both amateur and professional riders with high-quality bikes that satisfied their needs. 

Now, who makes Carrera mountain bikes presently? Today, Carrera bikes are designed and manufactured in the UK by Halfords. The brand has been gaining popularity among riders due to the high quality, low price of the bikes. 

What are the Features of Carrera Mountain Bikes? Are Carrera Bikes Good?

Carrera bikes have a list of features that made the brand’s name familiar between the biking community. So, you may wonder, ‘Are Carrera bikes any good?’


Carrera bikes have a unique design that you can identify from a mile apart. They paid attention to the smallest details of each part of the bike.

The bike’s frame is made from aluminum and the fork is made from high tensile steel. This gives you the smoothest riding experience and the best control over the bike.


Bikers look for comfort first thing when they look for a good mountain bike. Carrera mountain bikes provide every rider with a great, comfortable riding experience.

Carrera mountain bikes are designed to reduce vibration when you’re riding on a rough trail and absorb the shocks. The forks are carbon bladed and held up by an alloy steerer, which gives you a smoother, comfortable experience.

There is an additional ladies Carrera mountain bike range too for the comfort of women. 

Smooth Transition

Carrera mountain bikes promise the smoothest gear transitions, thanks to their Shimano gearing system. Whether you’re shifting the gear one level up or down, it is the same balanced, smooth experience.


In the world of racing and mountain biking, lightweight bicycles are your best bet. Bikers are always looking for a lightweight bicycle that will help them go up mountains and steep terrains with the least effort possible.

The best example of a lightweight bicycle is the Carrera Vengeance mountain bike which weighs only 14 kg.

Wide Tires

Carrera mountain bikes offer bikes with considerably wide tires. This allows the bike to have more contact with the road below. It makes it perfect for those who are looking for stability on bumpy, rocky terrains.

A bike with wide tires will also give great comfort, high balance, and not to mention, high speed.


The dynamics behind the breaks of these bicycles are outstanding. Whether you’re biking on a rainy or clear day, bikers who have used Carrera mountain bikes always praise the efficiency of the braking system.

You can totally rely on the braking system, with no risk of slipping or falling on a bad weather day.


Almost every Carrera mountain bike has frames made of aluminum. This makes the frames very lightweight and optimal for uphill riding. The frames are also designed to give riders the highest levels of protection. It could save you from serious injuries and accidents.

Price Range for Premium Bikes

There are many Carrera bikes cheap models ranging from $300 to $350. This is considered very cheap for a high-quality, well-designed product. Beside the affordable price great customer service from Halfords is great as well.

The price Carrera offers for the number of features it provides makes it one of the best brands in the mountain biking community. So, replace your old Carrera bikes with new ones!

What are the Available Models of Carrera Mountain Bikes?

Bike with fat tires on snow

There are many models like the Carrera Kraken mountain bike, the Carerra Vengeance, etc. available. Now, are Carrera bikes any good? Let’s discuss each Carrera bike review in detail.

Carrera Vengeance Review

Carrera Vengeance is great for riders of all ages. Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, this bike has a suitable size for you. It comes in extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The price is a nice bargain for the features it provides. It has a double-walled rim, Tektro disc brakes, and an aluminum frame.

The bike frame is perhaps the most essential feature to check if you are purchasing a mountain bike. Carrera Vengeance offers a great aluminum frame that can resist injuries and other accidents.

The bike is known for being lightweight, it doesn’t weigh more than 14kg. This is perfect for racing and giving you an effortless ride in general.

However, a few drawbacks are:

  • Gear may get stiff in some uphill conditions
  • The quality of the tire is not as good as other tires

Carrera Vengeance Men's Mountain Bike Review

Carrera Vengeance mountain bike has some great features like a Shimano gearing set, running on a 24 speed. It comes with 3X8 shifters. This gives you the smoothest gear transitioning experience while riding. Carrera Vengeance orange model is also great for a fiery look.

Shifters are the secret to determining the performance of a bike and how fun your mountain ride will be. With Carrera Vengeance, you should not worry about the smoothness of your ride, or stooping to make a shift.

This is the best Carrera mountain bike and the most sold mountain bike for the past few years. If mounting biking interests you, definitely consider purchasing the Carrera Vengeance.

So, we hope the Carrera vengeance mountain bike review helped you.

Carrera Hellcat Review

carrera hellcat

This bike is also a good option for people of all ages. It comes in extra-small, small, large, and extra-large models.

The features of this bike are similar to those of the Carrera Vengeance. It has an aluminum alloy frame with a Tektro braking system and a GRAM gear system, running at 24 speed. Same as all of Carrera mountain bikes, it provides the smoothest gear transitioning.

The Carrera Hellcat black and green model brings out the thrilling feels of biking. It features a Suntour XCM suspension system and is perfect for a bumpy ride as it absorbs all shocks. It helps keep the balance of the bike and resist falling

However, a few drawbacks are:

  • No lock on the suspension system
  • They can improve pedals, seats, and other basic features

The bike is very lightweight. It has slightly more weight than the Carrera Vengeance but it doesn’t make much of a difference. It weighs 15kg, which is perfect for riding up a mountain effortlessly. The bike is reasonable a comfortable, responsive bike. Yet, some may argue that it is not a great deal because of the other good options Carrera has provided. Overall, the bike is ideal for beginners. It has great components and it’s specially designed for mountain biking. However, if you are a professional, it is not the best option for you.

Carrera Valour Review

carrera valour

This a perfect choice for those who are looking for a low-price, high-quality mountain bike. It is feather-light, giving you the ability to ride on the steepest mountains and terrains with the least effort. It features a Shimano gearing system, running on a 24 speed. Having a V-braking system and, also has an aluminum alloy, this bike provides extra protection for a risky ride uphill. 

However, a few drawbacks are:

  • The saddle may get uncomfortable
  • Can get heavy to ride in certain conditions

Carrera Mountain Bike has definitely met the challenge by providing every rider who likes to boost his adrenaline on bumpy terrain, a satisfying ride. The multiple features ranging from proper frame to smooth steering to excellent gear system have won our hearts.  
Overall, this bike has also gained a very good reputation among the mountain biking community. It has a lot to offer from performance and strength to protection and durability. Also, the price is a great bargain.

Carrera Vulcan Review

carrera vulcan

Carrera Vulcan is a great option if you’re looking for an impressive mountain bike. This bike can allow you to bike, even on the hardest surfaces along with giving you the thrill of speed, you crave.

Talking about the features, Carrera Vulcan exhibits a brand new and excellent 7005-T6 Heat-treated aluminum specific disc frame having profile tubing and gusset near the down tube.

Additionally, this bike has a front lock-off suspension that is a bonus for every mountain biker out there. Are you worried about the performance? Well, don’t be. Carrera Vulcan consists of SRAM X4 gear shifters to make your biking journey smooth and easy.

Some other unique features include Tektro IO Mechanical Disc Hydraulic Brakes and Suntour XCM 100mm travel fork that gives a high-scale performance to every mountain biker out there!

However, a few drawbacks are:

  • You have to adjust the brakes manually
  • It may take time adjusting to the bike’s heaviness
  • No rare suspension
Carrera Vulcan has been one of the top models of Carrera mountain bikes and it surely does not disappoint. This bike offers plenty of features at a reasonable cost. However, not just any features, it offers only the most useful features for excellent biking experience. The suspension, smooth braking system, 27-speed Shimano gearing system, and large wheels are suitable for any type of mountain terrain.
Additionally, this bike is well-balanced to avoid any mishaps from happening. The steering offers stability while also being rapid for tricky turns and movements. Thus, all in all, Carrera Vulcan is definitely a good mountain bike and a satisfactory choice.

Carrera Vendetta Review

carrera vendetta

The last to our list of Carrera Mountain Bikes is Carrera Vendetta. This bike is definitely one of the best out there owing to its excellent features.

You can almost consider it as a rarity for its reasonable discounted price amongst various other mountain bikes boasting the same features. Carrera Vendetta offers great features that include massive wheels for increased control and stability. You can release the wheels as well for easy and effortless transportation of the bike.

Additionally, this bike is also made up of an aluminum frame and materials that make it easier for you to ride without having to put up with the extra heaviness. The Tektro Novela disc brakes provide an effortless braking experience and thus reduce the risk of sudden jerking movements.

If we take a look at the gear system, this bike uses a 24-speed SRAM gear system. So, the gear transition is trouble-free and makes the biking journey smooth. 

A few drawbacks are:

  • For its original price, it can get a little expensive
  • The saddle may get too hard for some bikers
  • Pedal style can be improved as per the bike’s efficiency

It’s hard to choose some features from a list of them. Yet, there are many knock-out features in Carrera Vendetta.

This bike has an admirable shape that assists the biker in a thrilling yet comfortable experience. The 68-degree head angle with a bottom bracket makes the bike flexible unlike many others of this price-range that are usually stiff. This bike also uses Shimano Altus SRAM X4 rear shifters that make the bike relatively easier to use and maintain.

The bulky tires may seem a little uncomfortable and daunting at first for any bike rider. However, once you get used to it, they provide comfort and ease.The two of the best features of this bike are an easy gear changing system and excellent suspension. 

So, we believe this bike is great for those who have a budget but also want fantastic features. For more mountain bike reviews, check out the Carrera Sulcata review or Carrera 24-inch mountain bike like Carrera Blast Junior reviews. 

Other Carrera Bikes for Different Terrains

If you’ve come till here and enjoyed reading about mountain bikes, you may also think, ‘Are Carrera bikes any good for other bikers too‘?

Here’s a piece of good news – they are! Other than Carrera mountain bikes, this reputed cycling brand also offers bikes exclusively made for different terrains.

From road bikes to leisure bikes, you can find plenty of them in the Carrera model book. You can also buy a Carrera GT bike if not a bicycle.

Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Carrera Hybrid Bikes Review

Terrain: Both off-road and casual

As the name suggests, Carrera hybrid bikes are all about offering an experience in both off-road and casual road biking. These bikes offer versatility, unlike other bikes that are more focused on a single terrain. Some of their features include flat bars, upright riding positions, and lastly hefty and bulky tires.

Hybrid bikes come in three categories:

  1. Crossfire
  2. Parva ; Axle

  3. Subway

Carrera Vanquish Bikes Review

Terrain: Roads

The next type of Carrera bike other than mountain bikes is the Vanquish bikes. Now, if you are also interested in buying a bike for a road journey, Vanquish bike models can easily be your go-to bikes. These bikes provide comfort, a great balance, speed that could thrill but also protect you from any accidents. The prices usually depend on the model of your bike.

Vanquish bikes come in two types:

  1. Vanquish Road Bike
  2. Vanquish Disk Road Bike

Carrera Zelos Review

Terrain: Leisure bikes for roads

Carrera Zelos bikes are the best alternative for those who want a simple yet efficient bike for their leisure travel. These bikes come for both men and women according to their built. These bikes are comfortable to ride and are lightweight due to the aluminum frame. 

Carrera Virtuoso Road Bike Review

Terrain: Road

Carrera Virtuoso is also known for its remarkable features. It resembles a Vanquish disc bike but with some specifications like a hi-tensile steel fork. This extra specification makes the bike-riding experience better and worthwhile. 

Drawbacks of Carrera Bikes

Carrera is one of the most trusted and popular brands for buying bikes. As you can see, there is a huge Carrera mountain bike range for everyone.

Yet, the question arises – ‘Are Carrera bikes any good?’

Yet, every brand, even Carrera has certain drawbacks due to various reasons. These drawbacks are mostly relevant for Carrera mountain bikes. Given below are some of them:

  • Hefty Tires: Hefty and durable tires are a major feature of all Carrera bikes. On one hand, they provide extreme support and balance. However, on the other, these tires may put extra weight on the bikers and lower the aerodynamic drag. Bulky tires can also cause high friction due to which it can get difficult to take sharp turns despite great steering features. 
  • May Get Expensive: In premium bicycle brands, Carrera has some of the best and cheapest bicycles. Yet, if you compare the prices of this brand with other smaller bicycle brands, you may observe the vast difference in the price ranges. Without any discount, most of them cost over £300 that is expensive for many new bikers.
  • Additional Maintenance Costs: The maintenance costs of bikes are quite a lot to manage. If you’re a frequent mountain rider, you may have to pay additional maintenance costs time and again for tires, saddles, brakes, and many other such parts of your bike. 

However, these drawbacks should not stop you from buying the best Carrera Mountain Bike. 

Our Final Verdict

To conclude, there are numerous bicycle brands all over the world. Yet, Carrera bikes are a whole different deal with their features, specifications, and an abundant range. Halfords has built a great bike which offers a wide variety options to bikers. Of course there may come certain limitations but you can overcome them quite easily. So, here is the answer to your ‘Are Carrera bikes any good?’ question – it is a huge thumbs up from us!


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