Outdoor Sports During The Coronavirus Outbreak

In this article, we will talk about being outdoors during the coronavirus outbreak. We know how difficult this time is but please everyone stay safe.

Many countries have closed their schools and colleges due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, restaurants, bars, and a big part of the industry. Only those who work in fields that can`t be stopped even in a total quarantine situation are still working. A big number of climbers, hikers and other outdoor sports lovers have found themselves at home with a lot of free time.

That led to many people asking the same question in the last few days  – is it okay to go into the mountains while there is a coronavirus outbreak in my country? The answer – well, it depends.

Epidemiologists repeat themselves like parrots that it`s not necessarily a bad idea to go outside, it`s even encouraged. The problem here lies within the very nature of a human being – we`re social creatures. We love to socialize and we`ll never stop loving it. Outdoor activities are no different and many people socialize while doing outdoor activities like hiking or mountain biking. So, what should we do? Do we go outside or do we sit at home and watch Free solo 20 times till we know Alex Honnold`s every move on El Capitan?

One very important thing you need to consider before you decide for yourself – you can get hurt and mountain rescue possibly won`t be available to rescue you. Even if they come for you, it`s a possibility you`ll be a low priority at a hospital with a broken ankle or a similar injury. Doctors that work or volunteer in mountain rescue services are mobilized to help with the coronavirus outbreak in many countries. The situation in hospitals is extremely complex – they are overcrowded and operating above normally acceptable limits. Doctors and nurses are pushed to superhuman limits just to cover everything that coronavirus hits at them. They don`t need additional patients coming from the mountains.

Having said that, there`s no need to sit at home for months to come and deteriorate in body and spirit during the coronavirus outbreak. You can train at home, maintain your fitness at an acceptable level and even go outside sometimes. Just be careful to follow rules and guidelines by your local authorities. They usually include maintaining a distance between people and not hanging out in groups of more than two. Do not go on risky adventures, difficult mountaineering routes or any other type of dangerous activity. Use this time to try low-risk, but fun routes that are usually overcrowded with people. You`ll still be in the mountains, but with a much lower chance of getting injured.

We all get an itch sometimes and we want to go to the mountains, do the things we love. But, we have to understand that we are not alone in this world and those strict guidelines are for the best of the collective. Coronavirus is not the first pandemic humankind has fought and we always managed to survive it and carry on. I believe it will be no different this time, during the coronavirus outbreak.

Mountains? The mountains will wait for us.

Stay safe everyone and take care of each other.

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