The Best Quick Dry Towel For Travel

The best quick dry towel for travel. Whilst we set off on our travels in our self-built campervan. Something that didn’t even cross our minds was our towels. How much space they would take up of course when you are living in a house these things never cross your mind, so we overlooked this when we moved into our campervan.

Our first campervan was very compact and this caused us a huge problem finding space to store them, but we made it work. To cut a long story short we had some issues with our first campervan it ended up not suitable for us. So we converted a new one then moved into our home on wheels. With it being a bigger campervan we thought well surely having more space now it won’t be an issue.

OH how silly we were, never mind the space they take up. When you eventually find a shower, drying the towels was another battle itself! Sure this isn’t a problem if you are in a hot country but of course living in the UK we spent a lot of time making our way to Dover first, And we have a lot of rain so it was just a vicious circle. That goes something like this:

Yayyy, a place to shower.

Damm, the towels aren’t drying fast enough.

Great, now they smell damp and still not dry!

Yayyy a place to shower…

In our minds we just thought OK we will just get smaller towels and hopefully this will be fine. Then one day we were in Mountain warehouse to purchase a fleece and just as we were waiting at the checkout these quick dry towels for travel caught our eye and honestly there were meant to be! Check out the Mountain Warehouse Towel here.

The towel comes in a little storage bag which keeps everything neat and compact. And if that isn’t enough to get you excited about this quick dry towel it is also lightweight, anti-bacterial and extra absorbent.

At first the material seems strange, as of course it is extremely different from the towel you would normally use at home. After the first time using it, drying it, storing it. I have to say it is by far one of the best things we have ever bought and the cost was extremely reasonable too! I cannot recommend this towel enough for anyone that has travel plans or even if you’re a gym goer this would be perfect for you too. Check out the Mountain Warehouse Towel here. 

We really hope our suggestion on the best quick dry towel for travel will help you make your decision. If you or your friend has recently purchased one from this list, do share your experience with us.

If you think we have missed a must have travel towel, please get in touch we would love to hear from you and love your suggestions, it could be something we haven’t  yet tried,  that everyone needs to know about.

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