Best Standing up paddle boards

In this article we are going to be talking about the top standing up paddle boards in the current market.

Standing up paddle boards are quickly becoming one of the go to water sport for all types of people as you don’t need to be a professional in order to use one, well as long as you don’t mind falling in 100 times before you get the hang of it. And it’s so much fun, a great workout and it’s so easy to learn, as long as you have some patience.

Paddle boards have actually been around for many years but they were never as transportable as they are now and the quality of the inflatable boards was never as good as what they are in today’s market.

I think for most people the biggest concern is where am I going to store this huge standing up paddle board? Well worry over now you can with ease! Having so many different choices when it comes to the inflatable boards storage isn’t as much of an issue. So now you can spend more brain power on what really matters to you when choosing your board, instead of stressing so much about where it’s going to be stored.

Important things to consider

What you intend to use it for

You need to think about this so you can buy the correct board type/hull type. Don’t worry if you are not sure or are clueless, then read on and we will help you figure that out too!

What size board do you need

This is usually based on your weight and your experience if you have any, no worries if you don’t.

The wider, thicker and longer the board the more weight capacity it will hold and the more stable the board will be and make it easier for you to keep your balance as you will having a wider area to step on.

Hull type

By now you must be thinking I really didn’t think there was that much too standing up paddle boards! Just remember some of these things what apply to everyone it just depends on what your intention is for using the board.

There are two types of hull for the Paddle boards. One is when the underside of the board slightly tapers off the edge similar to a boat. This means it’s a great board for paddling for fun or a hobby as well as being able to do a little surfing doe to the manoeuvrability and the stability. This is commonly known as a planning hull.

The second type of hull has a pointed nose that displaces water to each side making it faster and smoother similar style to a kayak or a canoe, allowing you to cover more distance with ease as it’s easier to slice through the water. This is known as the displacement hull, these types of hulls are known to be more efficient and require much less effort to paddle but are known to be a little more tricky to manoeuvre than planning hulls.

Type of standing up paddle boards

The All rounder – Perfect for first timers and beginners good in almost all conditions within reason of course!

Yoga – The shape is important if you plan to use your board for yoga this type of board is mostly suited for calm water and has a very wide deck. Standing area.

Fishing – Perfect for people who plan to use their board for fishing. It will allow you to carrying your gear and has fishing mounts available.

Touring – More aimed at people who are pretty advanced in the paddling world and plan to be on their board for a long time for the extra workout and distance.

Surfing – Great for extreme paddlers who have a lot of experience and who also plan to do a lot of surfing. These boards are much less stable than others.

Racing – These are mostly used for competitive paddling as they allow you to glide more efficiently

We hope that we can help make your decision easier with our honest reviews on the best standing up paddle boards we have tired.

best stand up paddle board for beginners

Price at time of writing: £214.99

Board: Beginner and more skilled users

Measurements: 300cm long, 80cm wide, 12.5cm thick

Weight: 8kg

Max payload: 115kg (18 stone)

Inflation time: 5-8 minutes

This ultra-light durable all-rounder beginner board is a solid competitor. If you’re looking for an affordable board that doesn’t comprise in quality then this is a great choice. Aimed at beginners but also suited for more skilled users. Another huge bonus is all the extras the board comes with adjustable paddle, air pump, velcro leash, aquadynamic fin, wet suit changing mat and a waterproof case for your phone! PS This is one of our favourite standing up paddle boards so far!

best stand up paddle board for beginners

Price at time of writing: £499.00

Board: Beginner and more skilled users

Measurements: 325cm long, 83.5cm wide, 16cm thick

Weight: 14kg

Max payload: 130kg (20 stone)

Inflation time: 6-10 minutes

The Bluefin Standing up paddle board is a great board as it also doubles up as a kayak, it would be perfect if you are in the market for both then this could be a winner for you.  As much as we had so much fun with this board it is pretty expensive. For the price you pay I feel some areas are lacking quality the handle on the bag for example is ready to rip off from the bag and the paint work on top of the board is peeling a little. I would expect to not have either giving the price. The paddle is fantastic as it is made from fibreglass and is ultralight weight and you can also convert this into a kayak paddle.

best stand up paddle board for beginners

Price at time of writing: £269.99

Board: Beginner and more skilled users

Measurements: 325cm long, 79cm wide, 15cm thick

Weight: 11kg

Max payload: 120kg (18 stone)

Inflation time: 5-9 minutes

The Aquaplant Max again is a great board for beginners and more skilled users. This board ha6s a lovely bright colourful design. Without compromising in quality, with being made with super strong military grade PVC.  We haven’t experienced any issues with this board. Although we did notice that the pump seems pretty fragile if you don’t take extra care I don’t think it will last long and a lot of reviews mention they have issues with it. Not our favourite board but it is still a good board, I would recommend the Aqua spirit SUP if you are looking at this board as it is very similarly priced.

best stand up paddle board for beginners

Price at time of writing: £239.99

Board: Beginner and more skilled users

Measurements:305cm long, 76cm wide, 10cm thick

Weight: 10kg

Max payload: 100kg (15 stone)

Inflation time: 6-11 minutes

The Aquaplanet all round ten board is a great budget board aimed at all users and as the name suggests an all-rounder board. It is even known to be great for kids too! This may be a great budget board but it certainly doesn’t compromise on quality or design. This standing up paddle board isn’t just eye catchy it is made from ultra-touch drop stitch, thick surface laminate material allowing for high PSi, amazing grip and a large detachable fin for the best stability possible.

Final Review

The reviews given above should help you to pick the best standing up paddle boards for you. Consider these specific features along with the prices and the benefits before making your final decision. However, if you or your friend has recently purchased one from our list, do share your experience with us.

We would love to hear from

If you think we have missed a must-have standing up paddle board, please feel to get in touch we would love to hear from you and love your suggestions, it could be something we haven’t yet tried,  that everyone needs to know about.

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