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Camping can be a great activity, whether you do it alone, with your friends or even with your entire family.  But, the question that gets asked a lot is what food to take camping? What is the best camping food? What camping snack should I take? Don’t worry we have got you covered! In this article we will let you know the ins and outs of the best camping food and what to consider when preparing for your camping trip.

The list of food for camping and camping cooking ideas can be quite long and include different types of food like camping food packs, (rations) dehydrated food/dried food and freeze dried camping food.  Like with many other questions in outdoor adventures there is a basic list of things you need to consider when packing food for camping.

Some outdoorsmen and women will go out on an epic adventure packing only energy gels and protein bars to keep them fueled just enough to make it through the day. However, most people want a good quick, healthy meal after a long day of hiking and setting up your base camp.

How to plan your camping food inventory?

The most important thing to think about while planning your camping trip is to plan your meals for camping with non-perishable food. Non-perishable food has a long shelf life, but most importantly it doesn’t require refrigeration. Although it is quite possible to have a refrigerator in commercial camps (your own or rented), there are situations where you go camping without any dedicated cooling storage.

A list of non-perishable food to plan your meals for camping:

  1. Canned food (fish and poultry, vegetables, fruits)
  2. Nuts and seeds (peanut butter is also a good camping food)
  3. Dried fruits and vegetables
  4. Grains(pasta,rice)
  5. Soups

There is a lot more food that falls into the category of non-perishable food. It is best to do your own research to find things you like and what you think is going to work best for your camping trip and activities. Every individual is different with food, fortunately, today you have a great number of food choices and healthy camping food to bring with you to the great outdoors.

Dehydrated camping food

Dehydrated camping meals have become a go-to choice for many outdoorsmen and women. They do not require refrigeration and most importantly they are a quick, ready to eat camping meal. Although many people enjoy the ritual of cooking while camping. There are also a lot of people that do not want to spend too much time preparing their meals. Dehydrated meals are perfect for those kinds of moments.

There are a lot of different types and recipes for dried food for camping. Some people make their meals like risottos, stews etc., and then dehydrate it themselves. The easier, but more expensive idea is to just buy a commercial dehydrated “just add water” meals. You can choose from a big number of dehydrated meals, ranging from classic meals to packs of meals specifically made for long outdoor outings. Classic meals are more than enough and there is no need to buy some of the most expensive meals out there. The thing that you need to be careful of is to ensure a your meal gives you enough fuel to do your activities. Carbohydrate-rich meals are always a good idea.

Cooking while camping

Msr pocket stove
This is the Msr compact stove we use. (Just remember you have to purchase the refillable gas canister.)

Cooking while camping in the wilderness can be a lot of fun. In controlled environments, you can light a fire and cook different kinds of meals. However, lighting a fire is not a good idea in general wilderness areas, where there is a possibility of starting a bigger fire by mistake. One thing you always have to have in your mind is that fire expands dramatically fast and sometimes literally moments are needed for the fire to spread from your campfire to nearby woods.

Outdoor people usually use gas stoves or grills to cook their meals. The meals are not less tasty but prepared much more safely. There’s a lot of different types and models of stoves and grills, ranging from cheap stoves to luxury grills.

Storing your food while camping

While storing your food in a camp base, remember that you are in the wilderness. There are all kinds of animals that could get to your food if you don’t pay attention. Rodents can gnaw through your packs or tents to get to the food. Bears and other animals can also find your food and become a danger for you and your camping companions. (Of course it depends on what area/country you are camping in.)

Some general rules to avoid problems with wildlife:

  1. Never leave food or rubbish inside your tent
  2. Store it in your car if possible
  3. If you are too far out in the wilderness – store it in a metal container or hang it on a tree

Remember that unattended food and rubbish not only endangers you, but also the wildlife. Eating human food can disrupt animals’ natural diet and make them dependent on people. Which in turn can create dangerous interactions between humans and wildlife.

In our opinion the best food to take camping are dehydrated meals or non-perishable food which can last for some time without refrigeration. The choice is vast, therefore everyone will find something suitable. Always remember to store your food safely, be responsible, and enjoy your camping trip.

We really hope our Food for camping tips article, will help you with planning your next camping trip!

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