Girl Scout Packing List For Camping

Some of My Favorite Childhood Memories!

When I was at the store this morning, I passed a stall that made me stop and smile.

They had an offer on a marshmallow and Graham cracker combo that could only mean one thing: smores! It took me back to the Girl Scout camping trips I went on when I was younger, and all I wanted to do was be transported back to those carefree days of camping with my fellow Girl Scouts.

There was always so much to do on those trips, and I met new friends that I still keep in touch with today. I’d recommend it to any young girl thinking of joining the Girl Scouts, but for all of you heading out on your first overnight camping trips, what are the vitals for the Girl Scout Packing List for Camping?

How do I Know What to Bring to Girl Scout Camp?

"Be Prepared"!

There’s a reason the Scouts continue to use this motto. And a perfect way to be prepared is to first make a packing list. Think about exactly what you need to take with you on your overnight trip.

Some of the things you’ll want on your supply list will seem pretty obvious and others might surprise you. But these camping tips and a guide to the right camping gear will help you know exactly what equipment to bring to Girl Scout camp, so you’ll always be prepared.

The best thing to start with just has to be:

  • A good backpack: The right backpack, such as one that is rip and water resistant, should be the first thing on your checklist. It should be spacious, and it will keep you organized.

What goes in the backpack?

camping backpack
  1. Your water bottle – outdoor activities will always call for water, so don’t forget to stay hydrated! Try and get an unusual, bright color so you’ll always spot it.
  2. A waterproof rain jacket – because Girl Scouts are not deterred by a little rain, so the fun won’t stop but at least you’ll be dry in case of a shower.
  3. Bug spray and Sunscreen – don’t let bugs or sunburn ruin your fun. Apply your bug repellent and sunscreen and top up when necessary so you won’t be itchy.
  4. Pijamas – comfortable, warm pijamas will help you relax and give you the best night’s sleep so you can take on the next day’s activities.
  5. Underwear – it sounds obvious but make sure you take enough underwear! Always take a few extra pairs so that you’re not worrying about keeping on top of your laundry when there are better things to be doing on your trip.
  6. T-shirts – you’ll be getting up to so many cool activities that you might change a few times a day, so take plenty of light, comfortable t-shirts so you can stay dry and clean at a moment’s notice. They’re also great for putting underneath your pajama top, if it’s a little chilly at night.
  7. Socks – like underwear, they’re an obvious choice but there’s nothing worse than being stuck all day with wet feet! Pack a few extra pairs to be on the safe side.
  8. Shorts and long pants – both are important for activities. The shorts will keep you cool, and the long pants will not only keep you warm but are great for anything that involves being in long grass.
  9. Swimsuits – swimming is the BEST thing about camping! Bring two swimsuits so you always have a dry one for leaping into lakes, rivers, or a pool.
  10. Toiletries – the basics like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a toothbrush and toothpaste are vital for your checklist. Lip salve will keep your lips from getting too chapped, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer is ideal for icky little accidents.
  11. A towel – whether you’re stepping out of the shower or climbing out of a lake, you’ll want to be dry before you put your clean clothes back on.
  12. Flip Flops – light shoes for the shower and when getting out of the pool are a must. You don’t want to step on anything yucky in the dark when you need a night-time bathroom visit, too!
  13. Sturdy Walking Shoes – something that will protect your feet on long hikes but will also be comfy enough to wear around the campfire at night. They don’t need to be heavy, but they should be easy to wipe clean and give your ankles the right support.

So, now you have the essentials on your supply list. These are the things you should absolutely make sure you have with you. A good idea is to take your packing list to the store with you, to jog your memory and ensure you have all the equipment you need.

But if your backpack has a little extra space, why not add a few extra comforts to your packing list to make you feel extra prepared for your overnight trip?

  • A deck of cards for you and your friends to play
  • A couple of books for the quieter moments
  • A notebook and pencil for sketching and writing if the mood takes you
  • A waterproof camera for those days at the lake
  • Ear plugs, in case your best friend has a tendency to snore!
  • Stamps, in case there’s a mailbox for you to write home, if you have time in amongst all the fun you’re having!
  • SWAPS  – keep up the tradition of exchanging “Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere” by bringing little tokens of friendship to pass on to any new friends you’ll make on your trip

Camping Gear

There are some items that won’t fit in your backpack but that you can tie to the pack, and these are the supplies you’ll need for when you camp. Your camping gear, along with the skills you’ll learn with your fellow Scouts, will make a fierce combination, and have you fully prepared for life in the wilderness.

Your Camping Essentials are:

  1. A sleeping bag – make sure it’s warm, cozy, and waterproof.
  2. Mess kit – a set including a bowl, spork and cup means you’ll always be ready for camp mealtimes.
  3. First Aid kit – a small kit with essentials such as band-aids, bandages, safety pins, and antiseptic cream to patch you up in case of small cuts and scrapes. Don’t forget to always take any medication you need, too, with your name clearly marked on the pack.
  4. A flashlight – because how else are you going to see in the dark, and scare your friends when telling spooky ghost stories?
  5. Clear plastic bags – it’s important to always clean up your own trash when camping and keep food concealed to stop any smells that could attract local wildlife. Don’t forget how important it is to be responsible in nature.

Who Else Will Help Me to Know What to Bring to Girl Scout Camp?

A good tip is to find out what the Scout leaders will be providing. They will have their own checklist and will probably make sure they have the cooking equipment and may supply tents and even single mattresses, but make sure you check with them first. They will have done trips like these many times, so they’re always your go-to for extra camping tips.

Troop leaders are there to give you guidance, so double-check with them when making your supply list, because who better than them to ask what to bring to Girl Scout camp?

And What DON’T I Bring?

Once again, it’s always good to check with your troop leaders, but the most important thing to remember is that they want everyone to have a good, safe time where you all interact together.

This means that you won’t need any electronic devices. This is the perfect time to get away from your phone, tablet, and other devices. Be at one with nature!

You won’t need to worry about your own food and drinks, unless you have specific dietary requirements that you should alert your troop leader to before your trip.

And this bit’s kind of obvious, but it helps to be reminded that the following items are banned, and have no place on your Girl Scout Packing List for Camping:

  • Fireworks
  • Weapons
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Pets

You also won’t need your hair dryer, straighteners, curling iron, or anything else that requires electricity. After all, where on earth will you plug it in?

Are You All Set?

Your camping trip will be all the more fun if you take the time to make sure you have everything on your checklist. Share this Girl Scout Packing List for Camping with your friends, too, so you have all the camping tips you need to have the best time.

Being with your other Girl Scouts will mean you’re following in the footsteps of the millions of others over the years who have had wonderful adventures when camping with their troops. You’ll develop social and leadership skills that will work well for you not just on your trip, but once you’re back home.

Be prepared, do a good turn daily, and now go out there and have fun!

I wish I was coming with you!

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