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An outdoor fire starting kit is probably the most valuable thing you can take with you if you want to survive in the wild. Without a doubt fire was one of the biggest discoveries that changed the way we survived because it will not only offer heat and light but we can use it to cook a nutritious meal, purify water and of course make a cup of tea. Continue reading to discover more about the Spitfire starter kit.

As expected heat, fire, clean water are all simple things which we can easily get access nowadays. However when you are venturing outdoors to spend a few nights nothing is considered certain. For instance, weather conditions can change instantly and you will need to get in survival mode to stay safe and alive. Subsequently you will need to have the best kit with you to get the fire started as soon as possible. Of course one of the oldest ways to start a fire is with wooden sticks but this method requires a lot of practice to perfect it so you are able to start a fire under any conditions.

According to Amazon the current market offers a wide variety of fire starter kits which will help you to get a fire started within minutes. From a magnesium rod and a striker to the most complicated tools. In this article, we will present our favourite Spitfire, an outdoor fire starting kit which is available on Amazon.

Everything you need to start a fire in one compact box

Initially we could not believe that everything can fit in this pocket size box but surprisingly you will find anything you need to start a fire. More specifically inside the package you will find:

  • Ferrocerium rod which will produce thousands of sparks and will start hundrends of fires. Simply scrape the striker against the rod to produce sparks. In addition, the striker can be used as a bottle opener.
  • Telescopic tube which will enable you to blow air into the core of the fire and improve the flame.
  • Tinder sticks that will make it a pleasure to start a fire and help you acquire a huge survival skill with ease.
  • Magnesium Sharpener
  • 20 Waxed Jute Tinder sticks which are fully waterproof.
  • 4 Waxed Dowel which are very soft to process and very easy to use.

All of the above come in a lightweight box which weighs only 116g and its size is 98mm length x 72mm width x 21.5mm depth. Therefore Spitfire is definitely one of the smallest fire starting kits but one of the biggest survival weapons.

Survival Kit Features

9.7Expert Score

All weather kit that will start a fire.

Weather proof
Box durability


To sum up we have not yet found a drawback for this well built outdoor fire starting kit. Undoubtedly the biggest advantage is the telescopic bellow tube which can extend up to 442mm. Due to this tool the  survivalist will be able to deliver oxygen into the heart of the fire. As a result you can get a fire started within a few minutes. Moreover we strongly recommend this tool if you want to start a new fire or if you want to revive an old one. There is, however, a disadvantage with the flimsy case therefore it will need to be handled carefully when you pack your backpack. Checkout the Spitfire fire starter kit.

Hopefully our suggestion of the Spitfire fire starting kit, will help you make your decision. Furthermore if you have already purchased one do not forget to share your experience with us.

However if you think we have missed a must-have fire starter kit, please do get in touch we would love to hear from you and love your suggestions because it could be something we haven’t yet tried and everyone needs to know about.

Finally, if you want a complete overload on some more awesome outdoor gear, hints and tips maybe one of our articles can help you.

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