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Camping has been an excursion activity for adventurous people. Rather than moving to the dark ages where people use to live in mountains and caves, they have cracked a way of enjoying that life by traveling to those places whilst being able to shower by using a portable outdoor shower. 

With the advent of the new era, pollution has become a global disaster. Consequently, it has made us fall victim to different sorts of new diseases because our immunity hasn’t been the same as some time ago. Therefore, maintaining hygienic conditions has become a compulsion in today’s age. The portable outdoor pump shower is one such development that has really made it possible.

Benefits of portable outdoor pump shower for camping

Dirt and sweat can be bearable by some of us for a few days. Unlike that, many of people aren’t capable of bearing the unhygienic conditions and they can fall victim to different pathologies. This doesn’t mean that you can’t fulfill your dreams, as an outdoor pump shower has got you covered. Some of the benefits of using a portable outdoor shower are enlisted below

Keep yourself clean

When you’re opting for a journey to the outer world, be ready to face the music if you aren’t well prepared. As sometimes nature can be the most punishing. Keeping yourself clean and tidy is a rather difficult task unless you’re up for going into freezing cold rivers. Not always the best solution but it will work.

Peaceful sleep during camping

Undoubtedly, camping is a journey filled with thrills and extreme physical efforts. Once, you’re done with the quota of the day, the only thing you need is to lay down on a cozy place and rest to regain the energy levels. So, taking a shower before lying down can help you with muscle soreness, after a tiring day hiking. In addition to that, you can sleep better and deeper.

Clean off your equipment

The benefits of these amazing showers don’t end here. You can also rinse off your essential equipment, surfboards and muddy shoes. Before returning back, you can also give a good wash to your tent as well.

A Brief Guide of portable showers

Wherever your adventures might take you, whether it be hiking, camping, or even after a day and the beach. These outdoor portable showers have really made life easier.

These are the important features to consider when opting for an outdoor shower


  • Shower type
  • Number of nozzles
  • Hanging shower with solar
  • Hand pump shower

Accessible in a scope of models, there is an outdoor shower to suit all preferences and spending plans. Browse from fixed or versatile showers, single or numerous nozzles and alternatives, for example, sun oriented force warming or we can say solar power ones. With plans going from fundamental to snappy, there’s an outdoor pump shower out there to suit you as well!

Reviewing 5 best portable outdoor shower

Like we have talked about these showers above, they can be multi-dimensional and multi-purpose as well. At the end of the day, it all depends upon your needs and requirement. We are well aware of what you can be looking for. Therefore, we have brought upon a list of 5 of these products that are our favorite due to their multi-tasking range and exquisite properties.

Let’s dive further into the list of the best portable showers.

Epoca 8311.S00 Freshower Portable Shower

Best portable outdoor camping shower UK

If you really want to bring out the comfort of your home to the great outdoors, then don’t look any further as Epoca 8311.S00 is the best in business. What we found intriguing about Epoca Freshower, that it has a pretty wide shower-head. Consequently, allowing to produce an ample amount of water quantity for different purposes. Nevertheless, 7000ml of water can sometimes prove to be less, yet the storage reservoir of this shower has been by far one of the best, used by us.


Dimensions – 30x30x30cm

Weight – 1.6KG

Capacity – 7L

Hozelock PortaShower

We call it the best shower camping shower. A great, multi-purpose, outdoor product. It comes with a spray head, lockable on/off flow control handle, and carry strap.

A gigantic reserve of 7000ml is enough for every possible necessity and the water isn’t even powered by energy as well. The pressure of sheer air is required to pull over the water. In addition to that, it has a long hose which is an outright bonus. However, thinking of other outdoor showers, it may seem to be a little expensive. Still, we have found it to be rather durable and really portable at the same time making it one of the best choices.


Weight – 200g

Capacity – 7L


Bulrusely Portable Camping Shower

Another portable shower that we loved is a Bulrusely portable camping shower. Now what makes this portable shower so go good, that we consider it to be in the best outdoor portable shower on our list?

What makes it too good, is the multi-functional properties. It is not one of the most powerful showers in the market, but don’t be deceived by it as there’s much more to it.

There are multiple spray modes to this shower making it a great choice. The thing which we loved the most was the air pressure of the shower is really stable so forget about hurting yourself, and be at ease when performing your normal tasks. In fact, there are 7 spray modes:

  • Mild spray
  • Flat spray
  • Container-filling
  • Powerful spray
  • Atomized spray
  • Multi-water column jet
  • Cone spray

While this isn’t the only feature that fascinated us about this product, the sophisticated design of the product makes it something to desire. The ergonomically designed, water sprayer, the flow adjustment nut, and the best part is the 360-degree rotating nozzle. If talking about the diameter of the water injection, it is as wide as 13cm that is perfect for your daily routine. We loved the fact that it was designed in a way that it’ll ultimately allow us to cease the overflowing of water and the energy as well.

However, you need to keep the water injection always in check. So, the water level limit doesn’t exceed its limits. In short, the body needs to have some vacant space in it, in order to generate pressure, otherwise, the pressure can’t be generated.


Weight – 1.5Kg

Best portable outdoor camping shower UK

RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag FBA_K8

Well, this is the ideal outdoor camping shower if you’re planning on going camping. If you haven’t heard about the solar outdoor camping showers before then we can promise you, that this is the choice you’ll never regret making. With the dawn of new age, technology has captivated our world with peculiar inventions that have made humans dependent on these inventions. Now let’s face it, we’ve been slaves of these tools and machines.

This shower sack is comprised of materials that are well disposed to the earth and safe to our wellbeing. It has a simple ON/OFF switch which permits you to direct the progression of water while washing to guarantee that you are in charge consistently.

Heating method

The PVC material utilized can likewise effectively retain heat from the sun to warm the water. Let’s talk more about the heating capacity if you directly put the shower bag under the sunlight for 3 hours. It can heat the water up to 113°F inside the bag. The shower bag also comes up with a built-in thermometer.

Therefore, when it comes to a solar-powered shower bag, it easily outranks all the other competitors in the market. Moreover, due to the presence of a handle on its top, it makes it portable too so it can be easily carried as well. We can arguably say that it’s one of the best solar-powered bags available in the markets for all the campers and hikers out there.


Weight – 440g

Capacity – 20L

RISEPRO Solar Camping Shower Bag C1004

Another solar camping shower bag that we found to be really handy was again manufactured by RISEPRO. Provided with a 63cm long hose, a showerhead, and a water tap. It is anything but difficult to amass and changing over in the middle of the shower set and water tap.

A shower made up of environmental-friendly material is unarguably one of the best for all the campers out there. The features of this outdoor shower bag are quite similar to the previous we discussed. However, the feature which generally distinguishes it from its counterpart is its great capacity of 20 Litres.


Weight – 340g

Best portable outdoor camping shower UK


All in all, a portable outdoor shower is the most cost-effective way of giving yourself a memorable camping experience. The above discussed 5 products are our favorites and highly recommended by us according to your needs, whether it be for gardening or camping purposes. Just keep in mind the various considerations and all the necessary key aspects.

We really hope our suggestion of the Spitfire fire starter kit, will help you make your decision. If you or your friend has recently purchased one, do share your experience with us.

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