Quick recipe for skillet beer cheese dip

What is a skillet beer cheese dip? It’s a dip made of cheese and beer in a pot, pan or casserole. Ideally the dip will be made in a cast iron skillet on top of a camping fire which can subsequently shared with the rest of the group. Alternatively a Dutch oven can be used for the dip. One of the best and most delicious quick starters.

This beer cheese dip is perfect for game day, movie night, or just about any occasion. Serve it with soft pretzels, chips, crackers, or even just a spoon! It’s cheesy, creamy, and full of flavour. Enjoy!

Beer cheese dip

This dip is so simple to make that you’ll question why you’ve never had it while watching sports or family gathering before! It’s the ideal dip for pretzels, but it also makes a delicious grown-up Mac and Cheese. Trust us, it won’t disappoint! 

Rather than using a CrockPot like many recipes, this one is made in a 10-inch cast iron skillet. This is one of the most used pieces of cast iron cookware in my kitchen. The Dutch oven is a close second. If I’m making a larger batch, I’ll use my Dutch oven instead.

Moreover it is a great recipe to make while you are camping. Share it with your friends and enjoy a few traditional camping games around the campfire.

What beer can I use for the cheese dip?

When it comes to beer cheese dip, local is always best! For the best flavour profile, you’ll want to use a lager or an IPA. You’ll want to enjoy the subtle aromas and hints of citrus that are crafted into the beer, rather than just tasting beer. However, if you’re in a pinch and can’t find a local option, Brewdog Haze Jane is a great choice – it’s my favourite after all!

When it comes to cooking with beer, it’s important to choose something you would drink on its own. Lagers and IPAs are great for many dishes, while stouts are better suited for richer dishes like my skillet brownies. This brings me to my next point: like wine, always cook with a beer you love. If you would enjoy it on its own, then it’s a good beer to cook with. Even if you don’t drink beer often, you can still select a good one by tasting, smelling, and researching the different types. Using these high-flavor profile drinks such as wine and beer can really help to enhance the flavor of your cooking and baking.

Recipe for the Skillet cheese dip

This easy 3-ingredient recipe can be made in minutes with only a couple of items needed. Serve it with chips, pretzels, bread slices, or whatever else you find tasty. Here’s how to make it:


  1. 230g (8oz) Monterey Jack
  2. 230g (8oz) Cream Cheese
  3. 125ml beer of your choice
  4.  Crisps, Pretzels, Garlic bread


Mix together shredded pepper jack and cream cheese in a bowl. When the ingredients are evenly mixed you can transfer them to skillet or Dutch oven. Even better if they are made of cast iron.

Melt the desired ingredients on a stove top over medium heat, stirring regularly. Once melted, serve while still warm with your favourite items for dipping.

beer cheese dip

How to serve the Skillet beer cheese dip

Serve it while it is still warm inside the Skillet cast Iron or the Dutch oven. It will stay warm longer if you cover it with its lid.

With Beer Cheese, the possibilities are endless! Enjoy it warm for a classic fondue or serve it cold for a unique twist. Try it as a topping for a burger with fried onion rings for a delicious combination. Thin it out with chicken stock and cooked broccoli for a savoury Beer Cheese Soup. Or add it to freshly cooked elbow macaroni for a comforting Mac and Beer Cheese. Who knows, maybe you could even find a way to make a dessert or drink out of it! Skillet beer cheese can be enjoyed the pub way too!

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