Build a bushcraft shelter with a fireplace

Learn how to build a bushcraft shelter with a fireplace. Bushcraft is all about survival so comfort is rarely a priority. Building a bushcraft shelter with a fireplace may seem like an unnecessary extravagance, but there are situations in which it may be essential. If you want to learn how to ...

NOOPEL Emergency Survival Whistle Review

There are probably a few people in this world that have not used a whistle in their life, at least in their childhood years. Many have owned more than one, using it like toys in child's play, imagining that you are a referee or whatever was the fun activity at the time.  Emergency whistles, ...

Fire starting kit for beginners | Spitfire Survival Equipment

An outdoor fire starting kit is probably the most valuable thing you can take with you if you want to survive in the wild. Without a doubt fire was one of the biggest discoveries that changed the way we survived because it will not only offer heat and light but we can use it to cook a nutritious ...

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