Top 5 Heated Vests For Men And Women

Biting cold weather and chilly winds are some of the characteristics of winter that we face every year and heated vests will make you feel more comfortable. Although the winter season can bring along adverse weather conditions, it is also the perfect time to enjoy several outdoor activities, including skiing, snowboarding, hunting, and snowshoeing. You will have to prepare well, and the most basic need to start with would be getting some warm clothing.

However, for outdoor enthusiasts, such as winter sports lovers, warm clothing won’t be enough to withstand the harsh cold weather. You will need additional protection, and heated vests are the perfect garments for winters.

So which heated vests should you buy for winters? What are the things you need to consider before buying one? Which is the best heated vest for hunting? If you are looking for a heating vest but don’t know which one is the best, this guide will provide five of the best heated vests out there.

Our post also contains a detailed buying guide about things you need to consider before purchasing your winter guard.

Best heated vests – Buyer’s Guide

With a loads of heated vests claiming to be the best in the business, choosing one can be tricky. Many heated vests will look attractive at first glance, but the functionality they provide may leave you disappointed. You should evaluate their functionalities not just by what the manufacturer claims and how attractive they may appear.

Here are some of the things you need to consider before buying a heated vest. 

Heating Elements

One of the best materials that serve as an excellent heating element is carbon fiber. Apart from generating optimum heat and spreading it evenly across your garment, carbon fiber allows flexible fluid motion. Additionally, you can wash carbon fiber vests in a washer, saving you a lot of time and effort.

There are other options as well, including wired copper and steel-plated heated vests. However, these heating elements limit your movement and require hand washing.

It would be best to opt for a carbon fiber option as they provide the best heating solutions and are easy to clean.

Battery Size

Since heated vests require batteries to keep them up and running, choosing one with a larger cell will undoubtedly help you. However, a larger battery pack does not always mean longer battery life, and it depends entirely on the price and manufacturer of the heated vest.

Additionally, a larger battery pack may be heavy, and it depends on the user’s personal choice. While some users may like having a lightweight design, others may consider having a larger battery pack as some models offer additional features, such as charging your mobile devices.

It would be best to evaluate your requirements and consider this aspect before making a purchase.


Pockets may not seem like an essential requirement in your heated vest, but they provide additional storage. For instance, outdoor workers will love to have extra pockets to carry their tools on the worksite instead of visiting their tool bag all the time. This configuration can be a boost for many outdoor activities, such as hunting.

Heated vests come in different styles and fit. Standard heated vests have a dual pocket configuration, while outdoor enthusiasts will love to have multiple pockets on their heated vest.

Convenience and comfort

Like we mentioned earlier, some heated vests with a more significant battery pack may limit your movement and comfort. Although a heated vest will keep you warm in adverse winter conditions, it should also provide a comfortable experience for the user. 

Lightweight heated vests provide the best results for outdoor enthusiasts and winter sports lovers as they provide the perfect balance between comfort and convenience. 

Battery life

Battery life is a crucial factor to consider when buying a heated vest. While most heated vests provide good battery life, some can last for up to 10 hours on lower power settings. You can expect an average of eight hours on a single charge.

If you require a heated vest for outdoor activities, such as camping and hunting, a heated vest providing longer battery life is necessary. On the other hand, if you are a casual user and can charge your heated vests at regular intervals, you can consider a heated vest with smaller battery life.

Charging time

Charging time is one of the crucial factors you need to consider before buying a heated vest. Many heated vests take an average of six hours of charging time, but some may take a longer time to charge depending on various conditions. It would be best to consider this fact before making a purchase.

Now that you know what to consider when buying a heated vest, here are our top five picks that will provide the best experience during the winter season.

Best heated vests

1. ORORO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest with Battery Pack

If you are looking for a heated vest that provides excellent performance and excellent value for your money, the ORORO heated vest is worth considering. This lightweight heated vest evenly distributes heat across your body, keeping you warm and comfortable. 

This heated vest features four carbon fiber heating elements that generate heat at three different vest sections. You get a heated mid-back, collar, and underneath the two pockets. This configuration ensures that your body stays warm even in the adverse weather conditions of winter.

Whether you like to camp or enjoy winter sports, the ORORO heated vest ensures that you can enjoy free body movement. Additionally, the vest is wind and water-resistant, adding more value to the overall package. The vest is very comfortable and ideal for both men and women. 

The vest also features three adjustable heat settings that allow you to set the heat according to your requirements. You can control and adjust the heat using a button, which distributes even heating across the vest for maximum comfort. It is a convenient system to have and outdoor enthusiasts its versatility.

One of the crucial features that heated vests should have is excellent battery life. The ORORO heated vest will never disappoint as it can provide up to 10 hours of usage on a single charge. The battery life can vary depending on which heat settings you use, but we experienced an average usage time of up to 7 hours.

Overall, it is an excellent product and the best heated vest for hunting and other outdoor activities. 


  • Comfortable and convenient
  • It comes with an excellent battery life of up to 10 hours
  • It provides even heat distribution throughout the body
  • USB port for charging mobile devices
  • Wind and water-resistant
  • High-quality carbon fiber
  • Three heat settings
  • Machine washable


  • The glowing logo might annoy some users

2. LEADNOVO Heated Vest with 8 Heating Panels

Leadnovo heated vest

The LEADNOVO heated vest incorporates an appealing design with functionality to provide the perfect balance between comfort and style. The winter season can go adversely cold, making us wear more clothes to keep ourselves warm. However, wearing so many clothes makes our body movement slow, limiting our engagement in outdoor activities. This heated vest will provide the perfect warmth and comfort to your body.

The LEADNOVO vest comes with eight heating panels that provide adequate heat to your body. Additionally, it comes with three temperature control options that allow you to control the temperature according to your requirements. These settings can go up to 65°C at its highest level and comes with two control switches to control the back and front heating plates. 

Apart from providing adequate heat to your body, its heating panels can aid several body discomforts. This heated vest uses eight heating panels filled with bamboo charcoal to heat your body. Even heat distribution can relieve shoulder, stomach, waist, back, and muscle discomfort and promote blood circulation. 

The high-quality carbon fiber used in this heated vest incorporates the far-infrared ray heating technique to heat the vest in few seconds. It comes with a three-layer insulation setup, which is safe and stable and ensures high thermal efficiency. Additionally, you can wash this vest in a washing machine using a laundry bag.

Although this heated vest does not include an inbuilt battery pack, you can use a power bank as a battery source. The working hours depend on the type and capacity of the power bank. We tried this vest with a 20000 mAh power bank, which provided us sufficient juice for up to 9 hours under standard settings. 

Its lightweight construction and comfortable fit make it ideal for any outdoor activity and the best heated vest for women.


  • Its magnetic therapy cloth can reduce body discomfort and promote blood circulation
  • It comes with eight heating panels for even heat distribution
  • Machine-wash friendly
  • High-quality carbon fiber
  • Comfortable and warmer
  • It comes with three temperature control settings with two independent control switches
  • Includes a double-sided USB port 


  • The placement of the power pack pocket can be annoying

3. FERNIDA Electric USB Heated Vest

Fernida vest with sunglasses

Our next pick will delight outdoor enthusiasts with its stylish and lightweight design. The FERNIDA electric heated vest comes with a high-quality filling to keep your body warm and comfortable in the cold winter season. Additionally, the high-quality nylon fabric makes it water and wind-resistant.

This heated vest features eight heating pads with enhanced heating functions to ensure quick and even heat distribution. Apart from keeping you warm and comfortable, this heated vest will improve your metabolism, reduce muscle stiffness, and promote blood circulation. Additionally, the turtleneck design coupled with a heating element provides comfortable and warm neck support.

We tried this vest under different conditions. Whether you are hunting, skiing, or playing golf, it provides the perfect insulation to your body. People, who are into outdoor activities, including winter sports, will love its three adjustable temperature settings with an LED indicator. Additionally, the vest comes with an excellent overheat protection system that adjusts the temperature automatically.

The vest comes with an easy to operate button with different press options for each setting. For instance, when you press the button for three seconds, it will turn on in the high-mode, which is also the default setting. Likewise, you can change into different modes by pressing the button multiple times for medium and low settings.

We tried this vest with a 20000 mAh power bank, which gave us an average of eight hours on a single charge. However, you can extend its usage using a larger capacity power bank or under low settings. You can also wash this vest in a washing machine, which should save a lot of time. 

Overall, it is the best heated vest for golf and other winter sports activities. 


    • It comes with eight heating panels that ensure even heat distribution
    • Water and wind-resistant
    • High-quality carbon fiber and TPU heating sheet
    • Three adjustable temperature settings
    • LED indicator for different heat settings
    • Compatible with regular power bank
    • Machine washable


  • The LED indicator can be annoying

4. ZLTFashion 5V Heated Vest

ZLTF vest with heated elements

If you are someone who loves to flaunt their style and stay comfortable during the cold winter season, the ZLTFashion vest is worth considering. This lightweight heated vest comes with high-quality waterproof material that is comfortable and skin-friendly. It will help you stay warm and save you from wearing bulky clothes during the winter season.

During our review, we tried this vest with several power banks of different capacities. We loved its performance, and the dedicated left pocket that houses the USB cable ensures that your power source stays safe all the time. You can expect a working time of up to 10 hours on a single charge, sufficient for any outdoor activity.

The vest comes with five heating elements made with high-quality carbon fiber. These heating elements can provide 360° insulation to your body and warms up within seconds. You will love to wear this heated vest as it is lightweight, flexible, and provides even heat distribution throughout the body.

Apart from providing 360° insulation to your body, this vest also comes with three heating modes. You can choose between low, medium, and high settings as per your requirements. The built-in LED indicator glows in different colors to indicate these three settings. Additionally, it also comes with a thermal protection module to promote thermal efficiency and battery life.

Whether you are snowboarding, skiing, mountain camping, or hunting, this heated vest will keep your body warm and comfortable even in adverse winter conditions. Apart from keeping you warm, this heated vest will also promote blood circulation, making the deal even better.

Overall, it is one of the best and stylish heated vests that you buy in the market that scores high on performance and convenience.


    • Lightweight and comfortable design
    • High-quality carbon fiber 
    • Compatible with regular power banks
    • Three adjustable heat settings with thermal protection module
    • Easy to use 
    • It comes with an LED indicator
    • Wind and water-resistant


  • Hand wash only

5. PROSmart Women’s Heated Jacket (Slim Fit)

pro smart womens heated vest

If you are looking for a heated garment for women, this heated jacket by PROSmart is worth considering. Since it has a slim-fit design, it fits most body sizes with ease. Women love to look stylish, and this heated jacket will ensure that they get their heart’s desire by eliminating wearing multiple clothes during the winter season. 

The PROSmart jacket features three heating panels that use far-infrared ray heating technology to keep your body warm and comfortable. Its high-quality carbon fiber construction makes it lightweight and skin-friendly, and you will have no issues while wearing them. Additionally, the quick-heating technique ensures that you will get warm in no time.

The PROSmart heated jacket leaves no stones unturned in the functionality department as well. You get three heating settings and a control button to select these modes. For instance, you can set the temperature up to 60°C at the highest setting or go down to 40°C for regular usage. These modes can help you find the best temperature setting according to your needs, meaning you will be at your best all the time.

Whether you wear it at your office or for outdoor activities, the PROSmart heated jacket will provide the perfect clothing experience during the winter season. It is water and wind-resistant, which means you will have no issues wearing it even on rainy days. Additionally, you can wash it in a washing machine using a laundry bag, making it convenient and time-saving.

The battery life is excellent on the PROSmart heated jacket as it comes with a 12V battery pack. You can expect up to 16 hours of battery life depending on which settings you use, which undoubtedly is one of the best in the business. 

Overall, it is the best heated vest for women that also promote metabolism and blood circulation.


    • Stylish, lightweight, and comfortable
    • Excellent battery life of up to 16 hours
    • It comes with three adjustable heat settings
    • Machine washable
    • Promotes blood circulation and metabolism
    • Reduces body discomfort
    • High-quality carbon fiber heating elements


  • You have to remove the battery before washing

Alternative ways to stay warm in cold weather

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do heated vests need to charge?

Heated vests come with different power source options. Some draw their power using a regular power bank, while others come with dedicated battery packs to provide the juice. You can charge your external power bank or battery pack using a standard charger.

On average, it will take around six hours to charge a battery pack and between five to ten hours for a power bank. The charging time of a power bank depends on its battery capacity and charging capabilities.

How do heated vests work?

Heated vests work on the same principles as heated car seats and blankets. Heated vests come with several heating zones and elements that heat up to keep your body warm and comfortable. These heating elements use a dedicated battery pack or power bank to draw power. 

Additionally, many heated vests and jackets use advanced heat distribution techniques, such as the far-infrared ray heating method, to heat the vests within seconds. Heating elements, such as carbon fiber, are also responsible for providing a comfortable and convenient clothing experience.

What type of battery do heated vests use?

Heated vests come with different types of battery options. However, heated vests mostly use Lithium-Ion batteries to draw power. While some heated vests use a dedicated battery pack, others use a regular power bank.

How do USB heated vests work?

Like we mentioned earlier, heated vests come in different forms. If you have a heated vest with a USB port, you will have to use a power bank as the power source. A USB heated vest draws power from a power bank, usually equal to or above the 2.0A output. 

However, their battery life would depend on the battery capacity of the power bank. For instance, you can expect up to 10 hours of battery life from a 20000 mAh power bank on a single charge.

Where to buy heated vests?

You can buy heated vests both at offline and online stores. However, you find some differences in the product’s prices. Online stores offer more discounts than offline stores, and you even get the convenience of paying after you receive the product. If you don’t have an urgent requirement, we recommend you buy online to save money.

It would be best to consider all the aspects mentioned in our buyer’s guide. We have also provided the Amazon links to buy the heated vests and jackets mentioned above.

Are heated vests safe?

Yes, heated vests are safe. Almost all heated vests come with thermal efficiency, which helps you to keep your body warm and comfortable safely. Additionally, these vests promote metabolism and blood circulation and incorporate various skin-friendly materials. 

For instance, the PROSmart women’s heated jacket uses the far-infrared ray heating technique, promoting blood circulation. However, people with medical conditions must consult their doctors before opting to wear a heated vest. For others, it is one of the best ways to keep your body warm and comfortable during winters.

Neither of 12V nor 5V can electrocute if the wiring is faulty or damaged. However even these low voltages can cause fire. Test your vest before you use it and make sure all of the connections are safe and secure.

If you are worried about electricity you can read this useful guide.

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